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The Medical Legal Art Process

Medical Legal Art Process

Step 1

Send us your case records and supporting documentation (see below), or give us a call to discuss your case. We accept the following documents:

  • • Operative Reports
  • • Treating Physician's Office Notes
  • • Emergency Room Reports
  • • Admission Reports
  • • Discharge Summaries
  • • Photographs deemed too graphic to be submitted as evidence
  • • Radiographic Images (actual films or digital files – copies preferred)
    • o X-ray
    • o MRI
    • o CT Scan/Cat Scan
    • o PET Scan
    • o Ultrasound

Step 2

We will send you a free written proposal describing your custom case solution.

Step 3

Once you approve the proposal, we get to work. A draft of your exhibit or a storyboard of your animation is created and emailed to you and your experts for review. Revisions may be made at this time.

Step 4

Once approved, your final product is delivered. Digital files may be emailed, electronically downloaded, or mailed on a disc or USB drive so that you can display them in the courtroom or view them on your mobile device or tablet. 30” x 40” trial exhibits are printed on-site, laminated, and mounted on a sturdy backing before being shipped to you. Any original film evidence, photos, records, etc that were used in the creation of your illustration/animation are returned.

Client X-Ray Highlight Mechanism of Injury Legal Art Render

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