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Trial Graphics

MLA's award-winning, medical illustrators have the knowledge and experience to create images that best display the facts of your case – whether you need to show one injury or multiple injuries, a simple surgery or a complex, multi-step procedure. Our custom medical illustrations help reveal internal injuries, explain complex procedures, and clarify complex conditions. We work closely with you and your experts, use medical records, films, and photos to create illustrations that are accurate and specific to your case. We have on-site printing and deliver these illustrations as high-quality, 30” x 40” trial boards or as digital files for display/projection in the courtroom.

  • Film Interpretation

    Medical Film Interpretation

    X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans may be an important part of your case, but they can be difficult for a jury to interpret. MLA's colorized film interpretations take the guesswork out of these films, making them easy for everyone to understand. We offer a number of styles and techniques to meet any need and budget.
  • Multiple Injury

    Multiple Injury Exhibits

    When your client suffers multiple injuries from one event, a full body portrait with the pertinent anatomy visible beneath the skin allows you to show all of your client's internal and external injuries in a single, dramatic exhibit. A multiple injury exhibits can work in conjunction with surgery summaries and mechanism of injury.
  • Mechanism of Injury

    Mechanism of Injury

    Our exhibits make complex information easier to understand. Mechanism of injury trial visuals explain the circumstances that lead to a client's specific injury. Whether through animation or illustration, mechanism of injury exhibits tell the full story in simple, vivid visuals that put the viewer at the scene of the injury. Give your case the who, what, when, where, why, and how that arbitration and juries use to make decisions.
  • Surgical

    Surgical Procedure

    When an injury or condition warrants surgical repair, Medical Legal Art can help bring the reality of the procedures to life. We use your client's operative reports, films, and photos to create illustrations showing exactly what was done in their case, and give your presentation audience a clear view of the procedure and healing process.


We pride ourselves in providing premium customer service to all of our clients, and in the ability of our award-winning medical illustrators and animators to create clear, concise, accurate, and attractive images to help you win your case. With more than fifteen years of experience, and tens of thousands of custom exhibits, our knowledge and experience is unrivaled. Send us your records or give us a call - we will be happy to discuss your case and provide you with a free proposal.

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